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    For press Dear Journalists, Loft Project ETAGI is always ready to assist you in writing the detailed materials about the exhibition. In this part you can find all the necessary materials and information about the accreditation. 1. Press-release Download press-release 2. Illustrations of printing quality www.100objects.ru/pics100A.zip 3. Visitation for journalists Dear Journalists, visitation can be carried out on the base of published annonce about the exhibition. Please, send the requests to info@loftprojectfloors.ru . Insert the information about your publication (issue, date, scanned copy of сочетающего цвета каштана the article, reference to web-site) Visitation of film groups have to be coordinated in advance, as well. If you have got any questions, please, call +7 (812) 611 0166

    http://100brendov.ru/blog/bb/mihaylov-s-luchshe-chem-skorochtenie-kak-nauchitsya-chitat-bystree.html http://100brendov.ru/blog/bb/mihaylov-s-luchshe-chem-skorochtenie-kak-nauchitsya-chitat-bystree.html СЭБ-ИТ

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